About Us

A.B.P Chemical Engineering And Ventilation LTD. is a leading supplier and designer of innovative air pollution control technologies. Our products and services verity combines more than 20 years of experience, expertise and knowledge gained from hundreds of design and engineering projects around the world. Our most valuable assets are our engineering teams. We implement challenging and out of the box thinking combined with Israeli innovation.


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Why do our clients choose us?

איכות ללא פשרות

Quality without compromise

השקעה עצומה במחקר ובפיתוח של מערכות חדשות

Huge investment in research and development of new systems

אנשי מקצוע בעלי ניסיון של למעלה משלושים שנה בתחום

Professionals with over thirty years of experience in the field

Contact information


P.B. 593, Rosh Ha Ayin, 4810502 Israel.


+972 3 9033775


+972 3 9033777

We would be happy to answer any questions