Characterizing the Wastewater’s Composition and Compliance with Requirements.
Industry wastewater is very different in its composition than sewage. Industry wastewater might contain pollutants, toxins, a high concentration of lipids, heavy metals and more. In order to preserve the sewage system and the continuation of proper treatment of wastewater they must first undergo preliminary treatments before they are pumped into the sewage system.
Due to factories exceeding the wastewater values permitted by law and receiving fines for those irregularities they can and should conduct wastewater surveys in order to locate and identify process weak spots and preventing irregularities in the first place.
When the WWTP (waste water treatment plant) receives wastewater with a high pollutant concentration it is more difficult to treat the wastewater, and the resulting product will be of lower quality (water from WWTPs are used for irrigation- negative impact on agriculture).
The survey’s purposes are to describe the wastewater sources in the factory, characterize the potential materials found in them and describe the wastewater route on factory grounds.
A.B.P. offers factories that produce wastewater the conduction of wastewater surveys according to the regulations and requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, while providing personal and professional guidance throughout the process of conducting the survey, from the moment the engineer arrives on site for a tour of the compound, collecting data and identifying the potential weak spots until the survey’s conduction and submittal.
• Description of the processes and infrastructure at the factory that are a wastewater source.
• Description of the wastewater flow contents and removal destinations.
• Mapping the collection and transportation of wastewater route at the factory.
• Defining the relevant standards.
• Defining the necessary lab examinations.
• Guiding the client with the water corporations and different authorities.
Additional information: The water and sewage corporations regulations- 2014