[URISP id=1560] For the past several years, A.B.P. Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd. has been the leading company in Israel in providing treatment solutions for dust and odors emitted from home and construction waste transfer stations across the country.
The company has installed sub-pressure and odor treatment systems in the following stations:
– Rishon Lezion waste transfer station
– Lod waste transfer station
– Atarot waste transfer station
– Sharonim waste transfer station
– Nasser Recycling waste transfer station
– Denno Haifa waste transfer station
The company provides consultation, design, manufacture and maintenance services for the systems. Most of the systems installed in Israel are neutralization systems based on activated carbon which absorbs the odor molecules created at the station.
The company’s engineering department calculate the air exchange frequency at the station area or alternatively, the air flow rates in open sections at the station, and as a result calculate the amount of activated carbon required for effective absorption of the gas molecules.
Each activated carbon system can be fitted with primary dust filters which will collect the dust pumped in with the air flow. In addition, you can include cartridge or baghouse type automatic dust filtration systems for more efficient dust treatment.
Following the assembly and operation of the systems, our company offers system maintenance services such as; dust filter replacement, activated carbon replacement and removal to approved sites, as well as preventative maintenance services for all system equipment.