Adjusting the Factory’s Needs to Environmental Laws
Due to the Clean Air act coming into effect and the authorities’ requirement to prove adherence to the BAT principles, a broad engineering vision in the field of air quality is required, which includes specifically referencing each of the three triangle vertex:
>The manufacture process (including process engineering)
> Treatment facilities and emission reduction measures
> Maintenance and maintaining environmental performance
A.B.P. Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd. specializes in various engineering and designing field that enable the integration between the designing needs and requirements of each of the components required to meet the BAT principles, while finding solutions which guarantee the best cost-efficiency ratio for the client.
Examples of the services provided:
• Designing air treatment systems
• Designing ventilation and suction systems
• Calculating the suction flow rates required of equipment units
• Calculating, defining parameters and designing stacks
• Designing acoustic solutions
• Techno-financial calculations
• Designing, constructing and managing laboratory and semi-industrial pilots
• Designing monitoring and warning systems for treatment facilities
• Preparing maintenance protocols for air treatment systems
• Designing and constructing ventilation and suction ducts for manufacture processes
• Identifying and treating non-focal emission sources, including odor.