Maintenance services


Our after-sales services are based on diverse professional assistance systems, our logistics warehouse keeps a substantial stock of spare parts and offers wide availability for spare replacements for all of our maintenance services costumers.

In addition, the Company provides general and preventative maintenance services and conduct Taylor made preventive maintenance programs to the Company’s systems and for other air pollution equipment.

We offer maintenance for all Air pollution control devices and duct layouts.

Our service team is available 24 hours and can respond to any malfunctions across the country.

Our services:

» Annual turn-key maintenance of your air pollution control systems (for all air pollution equipment).

» Supervision, by an experienced engineer during system shut-down maintenance.

» Replacing outdated parts and providing high quality spare parts. What ever spare part you need, we can get it!

» Field service for retrofitting existing duct layouts for best performance.

» Air flow balancing of an existing duct layout.

» Expertise for plant inspections.


Our goals:
  • We believe in preventive maintenance as the best means to avoid unforeseen, expensive downtimes.
  • We will help you make the most out of your system through expending its life span with the expertise and priceless experience.