High efficiency Venturi Scrubber for Particulate and Acid Fumes from Chemical Production Processes


ABP Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd. specializes in the design and installation of particulate and acid vapor emission treatment systems.

Our company has designed and established numerous systems that meet the most strict environmental standards.

A large chemical fertilizer manufacturing plant has received a request from the Ministry of the Environmental protection to install a system for the treatment of particulate emissions and acid fumes evolved in one of the plant’s chemical production processes.

The project prevented emission of 100% of the pollutant emissions and achieved compliance with all the strict standards required by the Ministry of the Environmental protection.

The system consisted of two stages: a venturi scrubber for separating the particle and the acid vapor from the gas stream and cyclonic droplets separator with high efficiency for separating the dirty liquid from the gas stream.

The system was designed to reduce reagents and water consumption costs And to achieve 99.9% particle separation efficiency 90% acid vapor neutralization efficiency and a significant reduction in operating costs (OPEX) for operating the treatment system .

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The project included:
  • Vapor collection duct layouts and flow balancing.
  • Particulate and Acid vapor Treatment - Venturi scrubber.
  • High-efficiency cyclonic droplets separators to prevent pollutants returning to the clean gas stream.
  • High efficiency chevron mist eliminator.
  • Preparation of PFD and P&ID flows sheets.
  • New stack in accordance with regulations.
  • Continuous CEMS monitoring system in accordance with strict requirements of the Ministry of the Environmental protection.
  • A blower suitable for the flow and the pressure drop that thinks of the entire system.