A.B.P. Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd.

ABP Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd. specializes in the design, manufacture and assembly of Air Pollution collection, and control equipment.

Our company gained expertise in the design of customized Tailor made solutions to meet customer needs in a way that best suits its needs and the needs of regulation authorities. We provide consultation services, process design review, manufacturing and maintenance services.

Throughout the years, through hard work, investment in research and development, adhering to high standards and assembling a winning team, the company has achievements that rank it as the leading company in it’s field in Israel.


Our Methodology

Process Engineering & Process Consultation services

Throughout the years, our company has gained in depth, exclusive knowledge and expertise in the filed of air pollution prevention and control.

Our team of experts will make sure you can make the right decision for your plants specific needs and conditions.

Our consultation services focuses on providing the customer with the knowledge he needs to chose the most cost efficient, sustainable solution.

We provide process design and design review as well as representing our customers during the design and commissioning stages of implementing an environmental project.

Manufacturing and assembly

Our manufacturing focuses on manufacturing custom air pollution prevention equipment as defined by our engineering department  specs. and drawings To meet each costumer specific requirements.

Our Quality control supervisors provide personal escort for each manufacturing project on a daily basis. In addition, manufacturing in house allows us to intervene professionally and quickly for repairs and adjustments, thus ensuring maximum customer assistance and project compliance. All of the company’s products undergo rigorous quality testing before being assembled in the field.

Maintenance services

Our after-sales services are based on diverse professional assistance systems, our logistics warehouse manager keeps a substantial stock of spare parts and offers wide availability for spare replacements for all of our maintenance services costumers.

In addition, the Company provides general and preventative maintenance services to the Company’s systems after the completion of the professional warranty.

We offer maintenance for all Air pollution control devices and duct layouts.

Our service team is available 24 hours and can respond to any malfunctions across the country.

Mechanical engineering services

Our team of Mechanical engineers and experts leverage their experience in field of air pollution to implement ingenuity, creativity and out of the box thinking in the process of designing the required equipment. Farther, this experience allows us to implement cost effective, robust systems to meat the required mechanical challenges.

We preform 3D modeling for each part and plant layout to ensure the ease of installations and for our clients review. In addition we implement CAD simulations to evaluate the design mechanical stability.

Our team prepares and evaluate as many design layouts as required. Our exclusive experience in the field of Air pollution is our specialty helps us select the most cost effective robust solutions amongst the design options.