The chemical industry is one of the pillars of Israeli industry and is a key part of the Israeli economy.

The chemical industry is characterized by a wide range of production processes using a wide variety of raw materials. As a result of the multiplicity of processes, the range of pollutant emissions in the chemical industry is large. The pollutants that vary from one production process to another require a wide range of treatment solutions.

ABP Chemical and Ventilation Engineering Ltd. specializes in providing consulting, design, manufacturing, assembly and maintenance projects to meet the emission allowance of chemical industry establishments with emphasis on all the stringent standards in the above industry.

The company designed, manufactured and assembled treatment systems at the following factories:

  • Basin soil

  • Craters

  • Haifa Chemicals North and South

  • Rotem Empert Negev

  • Dead Sea Works

  • Magnesium

  • Copulk

  • Sharon Laboratories

  • Aromor

  • and more

The company’s engineers accompany the plant from the definition and design of the treatment system, to the stage of establishing the system in the field and meeting the plant’s emission permit.

Our company continues to loan the plant even after the system is established and offers maintenance services for the treatment systems which include periodic inspections and supply of spare parts required as a result of wear and tear. This is to maintain the system’s integrity and efficiency for years to come.