RTO system for the treatment of VOC emissions from solvents in the Food Industry - Retrofitted system.


ABP Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd. specializes in the design and installation of RTO treatment systems for VOC emissions treatment In the food industry.

A large food manufacturing plant has received a request from the Ministry of the Environmental protection prevent and treat VOC emissions from production processes.


The budget for a project that the plant could put in place was limited and the plant could not purchase a new RTO system. ABP Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd. used the networking circles in Israel and abroad for the purpose of locating a second hand RTO system, which could significantly reduce the cost of the project without making any compromises to the required system performance.

The project prevented emission of 100% of pollutant emissions and achieved compliance with all the required standards of the Ministry of the Environmental protection and specific standards of the food industry.

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The RTO system is designed to reduce fuel consumption costs for burning pollutants and in fact, after installing he system in the plant, it works without supplying fuel more than 80 percent of the time.
  • 99.8% VOC destruction efficiency.
  • 96% heat recovery efficiency.
  • Collecting and preventing 100% VOC emissions in the plant environment.
  • Significant reduction in operating costs (OPEX) for operating a treatment system.
  • Completing the project within its budgetary limits.
  • Refurbishing of all second-hand RTO equipment. Including shoot blast, new epoxy paint, replacing gaskets, renewed gas train, renewed and upgraded gas burners etc.
  • Installation of a new fan with VFD drive and control system.
  • Integrating and designing the new control protocols in the plants existing HMI system.