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Defense Industry
Design, Manufacture, Assembly and Maintenance
A.B.P. Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd. is the leading company which works with the different defense industries in Israel. The company designs, manufactures, assembles and maintains hundreds of different treatment facilities in most of the defense industries in Israel.
The company leads the field in the areas of designing and manufacturing painting booths that meet aviation requirements, manufacturing special lathing rooms and lathing tables for working with compound materials, designing and manufacturing special blast-shielded suction systems for working with titanium and aluminum, portable grinding and polishing processes suction systems and a variety of other systems for industrial safety and hygiene.
Our Leading Projects:
– Designing and manufacturing special painting booths for the Saiklon factory in Carmiel according to aviation regulation including maintaining humidity and temperature.
– Designing, manufacturing and assembling filtration systems for the grinding and polishing processes of compound materials in the aviation industry for Melet, Lahav and spare parts factories.
– Designing, manufacturing and maintaining modular lathing tables with internal cleaning systems at Israel Aerospace Industries and Elbit Systems.
– Manufacturing and assembling 20 painting booths at Israel Aerospace Industries.
– Manufacturing a crane-mounted portable suction device for suction of thinner fumes at Israel Aerospace Industries Melet factory and the Stark Aerospace factory Mississippi, USA.
– Manufacturing and assembling hundreds of cartridge or baghouse filter units at Israel Aerospace Industries factories, Israel Military Industries, Elbit Systems and Refael.
– Designing, manufacturing and assembling 20 industrial fragmented suction arms for adhesion and planking processes of compound material at Israel Aerospace Industries Melet factory.
– Designing, manufacturing and assembling a central chipping suction system at Israel Aerospace Industries technologies factory.
The company provides design and consultation services to all defense industries in Israel, as well and manufacturing, assembling and maintaining hundreds of systems in the aforementioned industries.
The company has great knowledge of systems for dust treatment cause by processing compound materials, aluminum and titanium particles and special suction systems for treating strontium chromate emitted from painting processes.
A.B.P. Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd. has yearly maintenance contracts at a large number of factories and the company keeps regular service teams for preventative maintenance and breakage maintenance in the aforementioned factories.