Department Description
The process engineering department guides the client from the issue identification stage, presenting several possible solutions and choosing the most efficient solution for the client.
A.B.P. Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd. emphasizes the qualification of the team of engineers tasked with analyzing and designing facilities. The team works in full cooperation with the client in order to study and analyze the data available on site, determining alternatives for implementing solutions, exchanging information with the manufacture departments, and customizing the suitable solution for the client’s needs which will guarantee the best cost-efficiency ratio.
The guiding principle in our design work is the constant attention to the most updated guidelines and regulations in the fields of hygiene safety and the environment.
Main services provided by the process engineering department:
 Designing environmental treatment systems
 Defining environmental objectives to meet the authorities’ requirements according to the client’s manufacturing process and determining the necessary systems.
> Designing new systems or upgrading existing systems, such as:
 Gas and particulate absorption systems
 Particulate filtration systems
 Adsorption systems
 Piping, blowers, pump, etc.
> The process package includes various engineering services:
 Preparing P&ID, PFD and FDS
 Conduction mass and energy balances
 Determining the necessary equipment and specifications
 Determining control equipment.
> Guiding the client through the different project surveys, from SDR to CDR, including all auxiliary documents.
> Guiding the client through risk surveys (FMEA).
> Guiding the client through the construction stages, including supervising the equipment manufacture and assembling the system on-site.
> Running the system.