Collection and prevention of VOC emissions in the Paint Industry


ABP Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd. specializes in the design and installation of special collection systems for VOC emissions collection, Hood design and duct layouts.

A large manufacturing plant in the paint and building materials industry has received a request from the Ministry of the Environmental protection agency to install thermal oxidizer to treat VOC emissions from the production processes.

The project prevented 100% of VOC emissions and also improved the working environment and the welfare of the production workers in the factory.

The project main goals were:

100% VOC collection efficiency and required outlet emission of 5 mg/dscm.

Significant improvement in factory working conditions.

Reducing the rate of production delays and lose of raw material.


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The project included:
  • Designing solutions for reducing emissions at source, thereby reducing final treatment requirements and reducing OPEX and CAPEX costs.
  • Preparing duct isometry and the design of gas collection system. The design was focuses at reducing energy consumption and easy maintenance.
  • Preparation of PFD and P&ID.
  • Manufacturing and assembly of a collection system that includes connection to plants equipment and working stations.
  • Calibration and balancing of the collection system.
  • A dedicated blower suitable for the collection systems and the pressure drop calculated for the entire system.