MTV Ventilation bellows


The MTV air bellows series includes ideal products when high speed air flow is required.

The uniquely designed fan is self-cleaning and offers maximum efficiency. The body and the suction spikes are made of strong galvanized steel, while the accelerator is available in stainless steel, black steel before plating and galvanized steel. The six-stroke fan is balanced in a static and dynamic manner to minimize vibration as well as noise.

Engine connections may be direct or through transmission, depending on the model.

Applications include circulation of air for industrial buildings, greenhouses, stables, warehouses, laundry mats, garages, gymnasiums, etc.


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Main uses
  • Accelerates through direct drive or drive belts
  • Low rpm
  • Silent operation of the bellows
  • Shutter retractor opens automatically when bellows are activated
  • High work efficiency
  • High flow rates of up to 41,000 m³/h
  • Strong structure
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