Suction Hoods


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A.B.P Chemical and Ventilation Systems specializes in manufacturing and installing suction hoods for industrial use. The company made suction hoods are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and are suitable for evaporation and suction of smoke, hazardous materials and any other material emitted from the manufacturing process.
As a result of our deep understanding of the industry’s needs, the suction hood manufactured by us measure up to the toughest standards, all in order to guarantee minimal production downtime, easy long-term maintenance and meeting the requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
Installing suction hoods made by A.B.P Chemical Engineering and Ventilation guarantees long term industrial quiet, a highly skilled maintenance staff available for treating malfunctions and maximal usability. You can find our suction hoods in most large factories in Israel and a long line of leading industrial factories around the world.
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