Centrifugal Blowers

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A.B.P designs and manufactures a wide variety of axle and centrifugal blower in different models. The operating flows move between 200-200,000 cm/h, with a general pressure of between 20-1,000 mm of water.
The blower accelerators come in different models:
o Receding blades.
o Logarithmic curved receding blades.
o AIRFLO model receding blades for high flow rates.
o Straight blades.
Different options for planning and designing the blowers:
o Different construction materials (steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, rubber coating, hastelloy alloy accelerators)
o Direct or fan drive.
o Dismantling build for accelerator removal for large blowers.
o Special mechanism for bearing cooldown for working at high temperatures.
o Sparks and explosion shielding.
o Silencers added as necessary.
o Acoustic and thermal isolation cells can be added.
o Speed regulators can be added.

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