Preparing Emission Permit Requests
Air Emission Permit
All facilities defined by the third amendment to the law will be obligated to equip themselves with an emission permit as a stipulation to their continued activity, and will be obligated to renew it every 7 years. The request for emission permits is composed of various surveys, including process surveys, emission surveys, environmental surveys, BAT (best available technology) adherence surveys and more.
Preparation of the emission permit request is done according to the guidelines for submitting an information document for integrated environmental regulation (September 2014) and in accordance with section 9 (a) of the clean air regulations (emission permits) 2010 as well as the guidelines for submitting further information for integrated environmental regulation.
The request is compose of the following sections:
• General information on the emission source (site)
• Process survey
• Emission survey
• BAT GAP analysis survey
• Preparing a gap closure plan, implementing the BAT and reducing emissions.
• Air pollutant environmental survey
• Wastewater pollutant environmental survey
Preparing the request includes preparing all the relevant documents and forms.
A.B.P. Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd. has many years of experience in preventing air pollution. Out of our deep understanding of the law we will assist you as the factory manager in preparing the factory to deal with the consequences of the Clean Air act while meeting all the requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and maintaining a strict budget.
Additional Information:
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