Reducing Air Pollution Caused by Industrial Activity
The purpose of executing the models is to evaluate the amount of the factory activity’s influence on the concentration of air pollutants in its environment. The use of models enables the analysis of the pollutant dispersion to the atmosphere. The information received from the models enables the definition of the steps the factory must perform in order to reduce the pollution and meet the requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
The models we specialize in are the following:
AERMOD– a Gaussian model for steady states, which refers to local meteorology states.
CALPUFF– the CALPUFF model is a numerical lagrangian model which was approved by the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection for use in area with complex topography, or long distance transfer.
CALROAD (CAL3QHCR)– a Gaussian model for transportation source dispersion simulations.
The selected model is dependent on the meteorologist and topographic conditions present in the researched area.