The AIRSOL/CAT filter series is intended for assembly on top of CNC machines where it is impossible or unnecessary to install a central filtration system.
The system is designed for suction and filtration of oil fumes, emulsion and machining particulate.
The system has 3 filtration stages and the filtration efficiency can reach 99%.
The possible air flows are between 600-3000 cm\h.
The system is constructed of painted steel sheets and supplied with an option to assemble on top of the machine itself or on a support adjacent to the machine.

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Main uses
  • Filtering oil fumes and emulsion from localized machining processes.
  • Filtering plastic particles.
  • Filtering micron dust.
Main Properties:
  • Option to assemble system on top of machine.
  • Fluid drainage siphon at bottom of system.
  • Filtration efficiency of up to 99%.
  • Option to circulate the filtered air back into the structure.
  • Simple and convenient maintenance.
  • Three filtration stages.
  • Differential pressure gauge for controlling filter blockage.
  • Tri-phase suction blower.