The AIRSOL filter series was designed specifically for the treatment of particular matter, oil vapor and emulsion created in the processing of chips/shavings. The systems are available in different sizes and may constructed in a modular fashion depending on the flow rate of air and different pollutants.

The AIRSOL series provides extremely accurate manufacturing (painted or galvanized plates) with high filtration efficiency, due to the high standard of the installed filters. The filtered air may be returned to the manufacturing process, reducing the energy usage.

Operation Principles 

The polluted air arrives through the reception chamber (7). The kinetic energy of the particles declines and they descend to the bottom. After this initial cleaning, the air travels through the liquid separator (6) and metallic pre-filter (5), with a 60-80% filtration rate. The remaining air then flows through a specialized filter (4) which allows for 95% efficiency rate (EU9). Finally the clean air passes through the bellows (2) and is discarded through the exhaust chimney (1).

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Main uses
  • Filtration of oil vapor and emulsion from chip/shaving processes
  • Filtration of oil vapor from frying processes
  • Filtration of plastic particles
  • Filtration of micro dust