DCE / N systems for welding from welding processes


DCE portable suction systems are special systems whose primary function is to absorb and filter particulates emitted from production processes.


System Benefits:
The significant advantage of these systems is that the systems are completely portable and can be moved from point to point without any difficulty.
In addition, due to the high filtration efficiency, the treated air can be returned to the building and there is no need to assemble exhaust chimneys from the facilities.
There are two main models for the installation: a DCE model with an external bellows, and a DCE / N model with an internal suction blower.

Principle of action:
The contaminated air reaches a primary filter (which can also be used as a splitter). The air then passes through a pre-filter to filter out coarse particles. The air then passes through a high-efficiency filter filter (EU9) where almost all the solid particles are collected. During the final treatment phase, the air passes through active charcoal filters and is ejected from the bellows as treated air.

01.    Connecting to a flexible hose or suction arm
02.    Centrifugal bellows shielded sparks.
03.   Power switch.
04.    Pre-splitter filter
05.    Pre-acrylic filter for coarse particles
06.   High efficiency filter 95% EU 9
07.    Digital Pressure Gauge (Optional)
08.    Multi-directional wheels
09.   Net air port
10.    Activated charcoal filters
11.   Support plate for charcoal cartridges


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Main uses
  • Liquids of welding gases.
  • Suction from grinding, polishing.
  • Suction of odors.
  • Suction from filling or weighing processes of powders and powders
Main characteristics
  • Structure reinforced with painted steel.
  • 3 stages of dust filtration.
  • Charcoal filters for the treatment of odor.
  • Blower is protected from sparks.
  •  Easy maintenance option for changing filters.
  • Option to add a pressure gauge to control the clogging of the filters.
  • Possibility to add suction arms in different sizes and lengths.
Download files

DCE - Downloadable catalog

Ecodce - download catalog