[URISP id=1567] You Don’t Have to Suffer Dust
The issue of dust emitted from concrete factories in Israel is a critical issue and is a serious hazard to the factory environment. A.B.P. Chemical Engineering and Ventilation Ltd. specializes in providing solutions for treating dust emitted from concrete factories. The company has developed unique suction systems for the suction of dust particles from the process of adding concrete and aggregate to the cement mixers.
The company has designed, manufactured and assembled suction systems in the following factories:
 Shapir Ad Halom
 Shapir Haifa
 Shapir Emek Hefer
 Shapir Rishon Lezion
 Readymix Petah Tiqwa
 Readymix stone and mortar
 Readymix Qalanswa
 Readymix Rishon Lezion
 And more
The system is composed of special suction hoods that are assembled on top of the loading heads. The hoods are connected by welded ducts to baghouse filters that collect and filter the dust pumped in the counter airflow. Cleaning the filters is done automatically with compressed air, and the pumped material returns to the process.
You can combine systems for 2-3 loading heads at the same time, or alternatively, an independent system for each loading head.
Since the systems are manufactured in our workshop, alterations to the systems design can be done according to the client’s needs and space constraints in the factory.