Polishing Tables


ST Series multi purpose industrial polishing tables

Along with the appropriate filters, these chambers can be used in drilling, sharpening, welding, gluing, polishing and odor control processes. The chamber allows for suction from the table surface as well as the back panel, therefore protecting the work force from all emissions. The main advantages of these chambers include their built in filter which drastically reduces the space needed for a system which includes an exterior filter as well as their mobility, all that is needed is an electric socket and compressed air outlet. Chamber cleaning is done with a counter flow of compressed air pulses.

Main features

99% filtration efficiency
Automated cleaning system
Built-in filter
No need to change filters
Work surface covered in rubber to prevent accidents
Suction from working panel and back panel
Suction bellows may be mounted on the unit
Acoustic cell for suction bellows – optional

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