Acoustics and noise prevention


A.B.P. exhibit a wide array of advanced acoustics and noise reduction systems.

Noise prevention is important in most industrial sectors, in order to keep a healthy staff as well as meeting the requirements and standards of regulation. A.B.P. manufactures, imports and installs such systems.

Acoustic Rooms

Acoustic rooms, panels and coating for the reduction of noise.

Panels are made of galvanized steel, rock wool insulation or glass insulation according to existing standards.

Covers are used in the following settings:

  • Generator rooms
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Centrifugal bellows
  • Air conditioning systems

C Series round suppressors for use in ventilation, air conditioning and machinery air suction systems. this series includes a wide array of multi purpose suppressors:

CN model – suppressors with no central core. 150-1600 m” m (6-64 inches)

CP model – suppressors with a central core. 315-1600 m”m (12-64 inches)

Standard suppressor length is 1D, 1.5D or 2D.

S Series square suppressors

Multi purpose noise reduction for air flow systems including suction, ventilation and air conditioning.


  • S27 – 27% open space suppressor, very high noise cancellation level.
  • S33 – 33% open space suppressor, high noise cancellation level.
  • S43 – 43% open space suppressor, medium noise cancellation level.
  • S50 – 50% open space suppressor.

Temperature range is up to 400 degrees Celsius. Higher temperature suppressors are also available.

Suppressor structure: outer side panel is made of at least 1.25 m”m thick galvanized steel. Cells come connected in stitching for systems with static pressure of under 1000 Pa or welded for higher static pressure. Also contains noise absorbing panels with a galvanized steel frame and rock wool filling. All materials are inflammable.


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