Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

TM Model industrial vacuum cleaners designed to keep a clean work environment and aimed toward industries which require high powered and high performing suction systems. Suitable for dust, chips and other waste created during the manufacturing process.

Constant cleaning using industrial vacuums reduces degradation and allows for maximum hygiene of the work environment. In order to achieve these efficiently, TM Model vacuums offer the highest quality and performance speed.

The vacuum systems are built on specialized carts which allow for high maneuverability. The base, tank and bottom are made of painted tin steel which guarantee a long product lifespan. According to client’s needs, the TM vacuums are available with shake-out bags or compressed air filtration cartridges.

Main industrial vacuum purposes:

Suction of dust from chip processing
Suction of dust from powder packaging machinery
Long distance suction
Suction of combustible powders

Main features:

Compact maneuverable system
24/7 Continuous operation
High filtration efficiency of cartridges
Self cleaning system utilizes compressed air
High pressure vacuum, up to 3000 m”m of water
200 Liter barrel
Barrel fastening system
2-11 kW engine output
Specialized wheels
Low noise levels, under 74 dB