Dry Coloring Chambers


ZINCO SEC dry coloring chambers offer a simplicity and durability. Unlike wet coloring chambers, these chambers allow for high efficiency filtration (over 90-95%).

The modular structure drastically reduces the costs for purchasing, installing and maintaining these systems.

An important feature is the air suction velocity in the chamber (0.55 meter/second, ±5%) which protects the operator from coming into contact with any pollutants.  High durability fiberglass Paint-Stop filters are of low pressure loss and do not require high energy consumption levels. The filtration system is able to dramatically decrease the amount of pollutants emitted and is up to standard with the required regulation.

The Standard edition includes 2 tiers of filtration: Primary filtration through an ANDREA cardboard filter and secondary filtration using AmerGlas filters.

Additionally, the company has undertaken numerous projects with the aerospace industry (as a subcontractor of Boeing and Lockheed Martin). These projects include the planning and building of unique paint rooms according to strict aerospace standards and regulation, which include the stabilization of humidity, temperature and pressure.

Main features of dry coloring chambers:

  • Built of galvanized or painted steel panels
  • Spark protected bellows
  • High efficiency dry filtration systems
  • Quick and simple assembly
  • High velocity air flow in the chamber (0.55 meters/second)
  • Filters may be simply replaced
  • Pressure meter to monitor filter blockage
  • Activated carbon filters – optional
  • Blast resistant lighting – optional
  • May be built according to aerospace regulation
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