Equipment for dust filtration systems


ABP Chemical and Ventilation Engineering Ltd., imports and markets a variety of products for dust filtration systems.

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The product range includes:
  • Spout faucets (membrane) for sack filters and cartridge filters made by GOYEN, in diameters varying from "3/4 to" "2.
  • Cages for galvanized, stainless steel, silicone coated sack filters and more.
  • Cartridge specialty polyester filtration including teflon membrane coating for higher filtration efficiency and longevity.
  • Filter sleeves for polyester sack filters, NOMEX, PTFE, PP, and special high temp sleeves.
  • Other types of cartridges imported from CEAN FILTER from Italy, below is a catalog of the company to download.
Download files

Catalog for download- CEAN