Activated Carbon


ABP Chemical and Ventilation Engineering Ltd., is one of Israel’s largest importers of activated carbon for the treatment and absorption of organic gases (VOCs).

After years of research and development and multiple testing of various manufacturers around the world, ABP Chemical and Ventilation Engineering is partnering with TYWH to produce and supply coal for the adsorption of organic gases VOC.
The company has developed a special coal model DK-50, which is capable of excellently absorbing large quantities of organic gases per pound of coal.

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Main features:
  • Every shipment of quality assay for the adsorption efficiency in an Israeli laboratory is approved.
  • The activated charcoal is supplied in special facilities or 500 kilograms
  • The product is optimized for activated carbon filters
  • Coal comes in 4 mm diameter capsules.
  • The company imports nearly 200 tonnes of activated carbon per year.
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DK50 Activated Carbon